Znalezisko kości ssaków plejstoceńskich w Garwolinie (Nizina Mazowiecka)

Marcin Żarski, Gwidon Jakubowski, Izabela Ploch


Bones of Pleistocene Mammals find in Garwolin (Mazovian Lowland).
A b s t r a c t. Remains of woolly mammoth, woolly rhinoceros, bison, reindeer and horse bones were found in 2006 y in gravel pit in Wilga Valley near Garwolin. The most numerous represent the mammoth bones: fragments of skull, teeth, and pelvis with biting trace by predators. The bones were found in the fluvial sands and gravels at the depth of 5–6 m below the ground surface. Geological studies have identified the origin and age of the deposits for the period of Vistulian. The age of mammoth bones in two analysis used 14C method is between 38 and 46 ka and is correlated with the Grudziądz Interstadial. Below the Vistululian sands and gravels are located tills of the Wartanian Glaciation, and above Holocene peat.

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