Atrakcyjność geoturystyczna okolic Wojcieszowa w Górach Kaczawskich

Milena Różycka


Geotourism attractiveness of the area around the town of Wojcieszów, Kaczawskie Mts.
A b s t r a c t. The area around the town of Wojcieszów (Kaczawskie Mts., SW Poland) is characterized by high
geotourism attractiveness, although its abiotic elements remain underrated. This paper presents the variety of
potential geotourist attractions inventoried in the study area and a proposal of information boards. Seventy potential geotourist attraction have been recognized. They represent different types of objects such as tors, quarries, caves, lime kilns, remnants of the past metalliferous mining (shafts, drifts, bings), stone-made buildings, gravel-sand pits, view points, springs, anthropogenic lake, river channel, erratic boulders. The geosites were grouped into five clusters, in the vicinity of six settlements (Radzimowice, Mysłów and Kaczorów, Wojcieszów, Dobków, Podgórki). Their spatial distribution was presented on the map.

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