Gęstość objętościowa pokrywy osadowej na Lubelszczyźnie

Olga Rosowiecka, Czesław Królikowski


Bulk density of sedimentary cover in the Lublin region.
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents the results of analyzes executed within the project carried out by the Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute. The purpose was to develop a density model of sedimentary cover in, inter alia, the Lublin region, on the basis of archival laboratory measurements. The source material consisted primarily of a database of archival measurements made on samples taken from drill cores. Since the sampling was often fragmentary and missed long intervals of the section, it was necessary to develop a methodology for estimating the density of such blank intervals. Trend equations of density changes with depth were determined on the basis of existing measurements, which helped in the estimation. For each stratigraphic period, density weighted average was calculated, where the thickness of each depth interval was the weight. Juxtaposition of such average densities with the arithmetic means, with or without taking into account the estimated values, indicates the pros and cons of the methodology. The final step was to construct the following: density maps of each stratigraphic period, maps of density contrast at the top-bottom contact of two stratigraphic periods and density maps at selected depth levels.

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