KOMUNIKATY NAUKOWE Mapa geologiczna podłoża krystalicznego polskiej części platformy wschodnioeuropejskiej – podsumowanie projektu badawczego

Leszek Krzemiński, Ewa Krzemińska, Zdzisław Petecki


Geologic map of crystalline basement in the Polish part of the East European Platform: a summary of the study.
A b s t r a c t. A new geologic map of the crystalline basement of NE Poland has been constrained on the basis of the magnetic and gravity imaging, data from seismic profiles of POLONAISE'97 and CELEBRATION'2000, and extensive geochemical, isotopic and U-Pb dating studies of drill core samples. This updated reconstruction of the hidden southwestern margin of the East European Craton revealed of several late Svecofennian orogenic domains with ages in the range 2.0–1.74 Ga, belonging to the Fennoscandia. The age of these Paleoproterozoic domains is becoming regionally younger towards NW. Furthermore, there is two Paleoproterozoic domains, which form integral part of the westernmost youngest rim of the Sarmatia block. During the early Mesoproterozoic between 1.54 and 1.45 Ga intracratonic plutons of the AMCG suite intruded a large area of the Mazury-Warmia, Pomorze and SE Baltic region. Several deep-sourced ultramafic-alkaline bodies of Early Carboniferous age (354–338 Ma) are related to the youngest magmatic event.

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