Wykorzystanie tomografii elektrooporowej do badania osuwisk – osuwisko „Dzianisz” (południowo-zachodnie Podhale)

Mirosław Kamiński, Piotr Zientara, Mirosław Krawczyk


Application of resistivity tomography to study landslides – the "Dzianisz" landslide (south-western Podhale).
A b s t r a c t. Resistivity tomography is a modern geophysical method is widely used in geological research. It is especially useful in the study of landslides and their bedrock. Such tests were performed on landslide Dzianisz located in the Podhale region. It was established on the right side of the stream Dzianisz. The surviving morphological forms indicate that this is the old landslide. In the field, made one of the geophysical cross-section length of 750 meters. The measurement was made by Wenner. With the known zone of geophysical research slide coluvial material composition and geological structure of the bedrock. The data obtained were compared with earlier results of research, done by Bober (1971). The research results new light on the construction of landslide colluwium.

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