ARTYKUŁY NAUKOWE Nowe elementy w tektonice płaszczowiny kriżniańskiej między Doliną Bystrej a Doliną Strążyską w Tatrach

Ryszard Zabielski, Andrzej Iwanow


New tectonic elements in the Krina nappe between Bystra Valley and Strążyska Valley in the Tatra Mts.
A b s t r a c t. The Sub-Tatric units was newly mapped for the implementation of the Detailed Geological Map of the Tatra Mountains at the scale of 1 : 10 000 (SmgT). Lithostratigraphic and tectonic field observations between the Bystra Valley and the Strążyska Valley allowed a new interpretation of the geological structure of the area. The system of sheets has appeared to beeven more complicated than that advocated by Guzik and Kotański (1963). New sheets have been recognized: Grześkówki sheets (Lower and Upper sheets), which were distinguished from the former Grześkówki sheet (sensu Guzik & Kotański, 1963), and the Kazalnica sheet and Żywczańskie sheet, which were distinguished from the Samkowa Czuba sheet. Both Grześkówki sheets and Kazalnica sheet are composed of Carnian and Norian clastics or marly dolomites, Rhaetian limestones and Hettangian clayey-silty shales. The Lower Grześkówki and Kazalnica sheets lie in the inverted position and the Upper Grzeoekówki sheet lies in the normal position. The Żywczańskie sheet is composed of an isolated package of Lower Jurassic spotted marls and limestones lying in the normal position contrary to the inverted beds of the Samkowa Czuba sheet. The Spadowiec sheet has a wider spatial extent than it was postulated earlier. The Jastrzębia Turnia sheet probably does not exist in area between the valleys of Bia³ego and Bystra.

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