Kopalnia rud cynku i ołowiu Pomorzany skończyła 40 lat – jak długo jeszcze wystarczy jej zasobów?

Andrzej Paulo, Ryszard Wnuk


The Pomorzany Zn-Pb mine in Poland is 40 years old – when will its ore reserves become depleted?
A b s t r a c t. The Pomorzany mine, currently the only one Zn-Pb mine in Poland and one of the largest underground mines of this type worldwide (output 2.5 Mt/y) exceeded 40 years of operation on the MV-type deposit. In 1960, the first geological report on its resources based on drillings was issued. Data from this long period were used to analyse the resource management and evolution of reserve tonnage and quality due to changes in the economic and technical viability as well as to qualify different categories of mine reserves and losses due to the ongoing operation. The mine project was based on geological resource of 97.6 Mt ore averaging 4.12% Zn and 1.42% Pb. Resources extracted with documented low losses and those remaining in situ amount to 92.7 Mt averaging 4.18% Zn and 1.27% Pb. These figures indicate the high accuracy of the exploration results and cost-effective management of resources. The observed trend of ore reserve increase
over the last decade gives hope of delimiting at least 3 Mt over the next three years. The mine, which was planned for a 30-year life cycle, has sufficient reserves until 2016, and under favourable market conditions, may extend its life up to 2018.

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