Mapa Geośrodowiskowa Polski dla racjonalnego zarządzania zasobami środowiska

Olimpia Kozłowska, Marta Sołomacha, Iwona Walentek


Geoenvironmental Map of Poland for rational environmental resources management.
A b s t r a c t. Strategies and programs compiled by the European Council for years 2020–2030 establish activities enhancing effectiveness of environmental resource management as a high priority. It is an essential condition for economic progress while maintaining principles of sustainable development. As an effect of European ordinances, Poland has implemented The National Reform Programme carrying out the European Council guidelines. It is very important for the authorities managing administrative units to have complete knowledge about up to date state of recognition and usage of natural resources, in order to use it rationally. That kind of approach is necessary to protect natural environment and provide efficient spatial planning processes. A useful tool to achieve these aims is The Geoenvironmental Map of Poland (GeMP) at scale 1 : 50 000 that has been compiled in The Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute (PGI-NRI) since 1997. The map is prepared as a digital GIS database, which contains data concerning: distribution of raw materials, management of deposits, mining and mineral’s processing, hydrogeology and engineering geology, protection of environment and landscape, geochemical state of soil and surface water, urban elements. The map content is regularly updated. At present there are available data, which were compiled in the first edition of the map (2005–2012). Simultaneously geoenvironmental data are updated within next edition of The GeMP (2013–2019).

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