Ocena uwarunkowań hydrogeotermalnych dla uzdatniania części schłodzonych wód termalnych. Model koncepcyjny systemu geotermalnego Podhala

Barbara Tomaszewska, Bogusław Bielec, Maciej Miecznik


The assessment of hydrogeothermal conditions for treatment of part of cooled geothermal waters. The conceptual model of the Podhale geothermal system.
A b s t r a c t. Determination of alternative water management in actively exploited geothermal system, which constitutes a significant source of renewable energy requires recognition and determination of reservoir and hydrogeothermal conditions for long-term, safe exploitation of geothermal energy. This paper provides assumptions for the conceptual model, the necessary step to execute numerical modeling of the Podhale geothermal reservoir. For the analyzed area geological conditions were determined, yielding 19 geological structures diverse in terms of thermal parameters, permeability, porosity and rock density. Main trends of tectonic dislocation and groundwater flow directions were indicated along with and characterization of thermal conditions. Exploitation conditions of geothermal boreholes are briefly discussed. Conceptual model for the Podhale geothermal system will subsequently allow for realization of the numerical models and determination of the maximum flow rate of thermal water, which under analyzed reservoir conditions will not disturb performance of the geothermal system, and in particular will not deplete energy resources.

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