Sezonowa zmienność temperatur wód podziemnych drenowanych przez wybrane źródła w Karpatach wewnętrznych

Marzena Szostakiewicz-Hołownia


Seasonal variability of selected spring's water temperature in Inner Carpathians.
A b s t r a c t. Studies of spring waters, especially in mountainous areas, where there are no well boreholes, provide valuable information on the dynamics and chemistry of groundwater. The results of one and a half year monitoring of five selected springs located in the Inner Carpathians were presented in the article. All the springs drain cool, slightly alkaline waters with a low mineralization, which classifies them into acratopegae. In the ionic composition of studied waters bicarbonates, calcium, and magnesium are dominated. In particular, attention was drawn to changes in temperature, since their analysis allowed a relative assessment of the depth of water
circulation drained by the springs.

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