Zastosowanie ustawy o zapobieganiu szkodom w środowisku i ich naprawie w ochronie wód podziemnych

Marek Sołtysiak, Dominika Dąbrowska, Monika Kupiec


Application of The Prevention and Remedying of Environmental Damage Act in Groundwater Protection.
A b s t r a c t. The Prevention and Remedying of Environmental Damage Act of 13 April 2007 is a relevant judicial tool, which can be used in the groundwater protection. Conflict between the obligation to protect the environment and the human economic activity forced the legislature’s obligation to repair the damage. The enactment of the act was a result of The Environmental Liability Directive 2004/35/CE implementation in Poland. This article contains an analysis of the remediation of environmental act in terms of the soil and water environment protection. It reviews also proceedings relating to the soil and water environmental damages, which were conducted by Regional Directorates for Environmental Protection. In addition, the surface water and associated habitats on the grounds of the interconnectedness of the different components of the environment with groundwater, were included in the analysis.

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