Polska w projekcie World Karst Aquifer Mapping Project (WOKAM)

Jacek Różkowski, Dorota Grabala, Adam Polonius


Poland in World Karst Aquifer Mapping Project (WOKAM).
A b s t r a c t. The article presents World Karst Aquifer Mapping Project (WOKAM). The goal of this project, implemented in 2012– 2015, is to establish the first karst aquifer world map, presenting karst aquifers, most important water intakes, karst springs and caves. Selection criteria of the karstic objects were discussed in the paper. Database, created on their basis covering the area of Poland, includes: 17 water intakes (extracting mainly from the Triassic carbonate aquifer of Silesian – Kraków monocline), 7 springs (including 5 vaucluses from Tatra Mountains), 23 caves (located mainly in Western Tatra Mountains and in Kraków – Wieluń Upland). There is a probability of location of individual hydrogeological objects from Poland on the world karst aquifer map considering the importance of the region.

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