Porowatość wapieni jurajskich w profilu pionowym rejonu ujęcia Łobodno k. Kłobucka

Grzegorz Nikiel, Jolanta Sobik-Szołtysek


The porosity of the Jurassic limestones in the vertical profile Łobodno water intake area near Kłobuck.
A b s t r a c t. The article presents the results of investigations the porosity of the limestone of the Upper and Middle Jurassic. The open porosity was tested on samples cut from the core in the borehole of the P-1 with a depth of 80 m which was drilled in the groundwater intake Łobodno near Kłobuck. For testing were prepared 59 samples from 23 ranges a depth. Examination of open porosity were made using hydrostatic weighing the samples saturated with water in in a vacuum chamber. The tests which were conducted show a large variability of the open porosity of the Jurassic limestone in the vertical profile containing in the range of 4–24%.

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