Chemizm wód zlewni Kamieńczyka w Sudetach na tle badań systemów przepływu wód podziemnych

Magdalena Modelska, Sebastian Buczyński, Stanisław Staśko


Chemical composition of groundwater of Kamieńczyk catchment area in Sudety Mts. in relation to groundwater flow systems.
A b s t r a c t . The present study has shown that in small, mountainous Kamieńczyk catchment (Sudety Mts.) is possible to identify hydrodynamical conditions and chemical parameters typical for different zones of local groundwater flow systems: spring discharge, discharge variability, relationships between bicarbonate and sulphate ions, pH and silica contents. Furthermore regional flow zone was clearly chemically identified through high groundwater mineralization and strongly metamorphosed hydrogeochemical facies. This proves that studies of groundwater flow zones in mountain catchments can be effectively supported by chemical analysis of groundwater.

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