Charakterystyka hydrogeochemiczna wód siarczkowych rejonu Solca-Zdroju

Iwona Lipiec, Beata Wiktorowicz


Hydrogeochemical characteristic of sulphurous waters from the Solec-Zdrój area.
A b s t r a c t. This paper shows characteristics of sulphurous waters from the Solec-Zdrój area. Evaluation of their chemistry was based on the results of analyses of groundwater sampled from boreholes in: Solec-Zdrój, Wełnin and Dobrowoda and from the springs: Senisławice, Gadawa, Szczerbaków and Piestrzec. The following hydrochemical facies of groundwater were identified: Ca‒SO4‒HCO3 , S, Na‒Cl‒SO4 , S to Cl‒Na, S , with TDS in the range of 1.9‒47.0 g/dm3. Examined waters are also featured by considerable concentrations of iodine and fluorine. The research results proved that the geological setting is one of the most important factors defining the water chemistry variability. In general, the chemical composition of sulphide waters in this region is determined by the interactions between the groundwaters and rocks.

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