Badania hydrogeologiczne na wybrzeżu klifowym w diagnozowaniu i prognozowaniu geozagrożeń

Mirosław Lidzbarski, Ewa Tarnawska


The role of the hydrogeological research on cliff coast in diagnosis and foracasting of the geological hazards.
A b s t r a c t. In the course of the research there have been a complex analysis of hydrogeological conditions of a costal aquifer system onshore and, as far as possible, offshore. On the cliff coast of Jastrzębia Góra there has been listed the occurance of groundwater: springs and seepages, in the wall of the cliff and surroundings. A mathematical model of the water flow and mass transport enabled the final verification of the assumed water circulation system and the estimation of the groundwater volume, drained through the sea bottom sediments in the multi layered system.The intensity of erosion processes on the cliff coast depends on several factors. The most essential is the geological structure, hydrogeological conditions, especially the occurence of suspended groundwater in unsaturated zone.

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