Identyfikacja systemu krążenia wód podziemnych w procesie ustalania zasobów odnawialnych na przykładzie zlewni Redy i Zagórskiej Strugi

Mirosław Lidzbarski


Identification of groundwater circulation system during assessment renewable resources for example of the Reda and Zagórska Struga catchment.
A b s t r a c t. The study area of about 1,000 km2 include northern part of Cashubian Lake District. The objective of the task was to recognition of groundwater circulation system and renawable resources. Detailed system of groundwater circulation was exemplified for Reda drainage basin. This work presents results of numerical models of groundwater in Reda and Zagórska Struga catchment and results of hydrological investigation. Results of numerical model estimated recharge and recharge of groundwater treatment for eliminated groundwater layers reduced in numerical models to 8 layers and groundwater balance regions. This evaluation, made according to three-dimensional filtration model on the assumption that a steady groundwater flow. The results of model simulation show that recharge area occur Kashubian Lake District and discharge area occur Reda ice marginal valley. It means that the total disposable groundwater resources for the specified area equals 520,605 m3/24h.

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