Wpływ eksploatacji ujęcia Antoni w Muszynie na skład chemiczny ujmowanych wód mineralnych (leczniczych) w latach 2004–2011, Beskid Sądecki

Tomasz Kotowski, Stefan Satora


The influence of exploitation of the Antoni intake on the chemical composition of mineral (therapeutic) waters in the period 2004–2011, Beskid Sądecki.
A b s t r a c t. Analysis of the influence of mineral water exploitation on the variability of the selected components of mineral water is presented in this study. Results of simplified chemical analysis (4 parameters, n = 390, conducted in period 2004–2011) and full chemical analysis (21 parameters, n = 8, conducted in period 2004–2010) were analyzed. There is medium correlation (R = 0,47) between the exploitation of mineral water and concentration of HCO3 ions. Concentration of HCO3 ions is slight decreasing in response to decrease of the mineral water exploitation. Taking into account relatively stable CO2 flow from mantle this indicates the possibility of groundwater percolation from shallow aquifers. The concentration of HCO3 ions in shallow aquifers is significantly lower then concentration of HCO3 ions in deep aquifers. Influence of the mineral water exploitation on the level of the water table is negligible (R = 0,06). It is likely to indicate that occurrence additional factors, e.g., high pressure of gas (CO2 ) in aquifers or the degassing process of mineral water.

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