Wyniki badań zawartości dwutlenku węgla w powietrzu glebowym w rejonie Muszyny, Beskid Sądecki

Krystian Kawa


Analysis of carbon dioxide concentrations in soil-air in Muszyna area, Beskid Sądecki.
A b s t r a c t. The researches made in September 2013 in 44 points allowed to perform the map of carbon dioxide concentration in soilair of Muszyna region. It were made in order to estimate groundwater resources in Andrzejówka and Milik in OG Muszynianka. These measurements are upgrading analysis from 2004. WG-2M was used as a measuring instrument. Obtained values were included between 0 and 4.5% vol. There is clearly visible, that the anomaly areas laying accordingly to the faults and it is connected to subductive carbon dioxide. It allows to designate deposits of mineral water, confirm the tectonics and finally, chose the path of further rational management policy of mineral water.

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