Wpływ zatapiania kopalni „Trzebionka” na zmiany chemizmu wód podziemnych w utworach triasu

Agata Kasprzak


The influence of the “Trzebionka” mine flooding for changes in groundwater chemistry of triassic aquifer.
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents changes in groundwater chemistry of Triassic aquifer after zinc-lead mine flooding. Last stage of liquidation Zn-Pb “Trzebionka” mine has been started in July of 2010. Long lasting drainage caused oxidation of the sulphide minerals in hosted rocks of Zn-Pb deposits. Flushing of the extended unsaturated zone led to dissolving of weathering products. Those complicated processes caused significant increase in sulphates concentrations Prediction of consequence of mine flooding for water chemical composition is possible due to long term observation of the water quality in the “Trzebionka” zinc-lead ore. Currently water quality of Triassic aquifer is deteriorate.

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