Ocena przekształceń chemizmu wód podziemnych w warunkach eksploatacji ujęcia Stara Łubianka-Dobrzyca dla Piły

Justyna Jażdzewska


Groundwater chemistry changes during exploitation (Stara Łubianka-Dobrzyca well field).
A b s t r a c t. Stara Łubianka-Dobrzyca well field location is unique in a regional scale due to character of land-use in the recharge area, dominated by forest (about 80% of the area is covered by forest). In the article the evaluation of groundwater chemistry changes during the well field exploitation had been made. For this purpose the detail analysis of land use was carried out. Data derived from groundwater flow model was also use for analyses. The study demonstrates that despite of lack groundwater chemistry changes, due to well field development it will be necessary to establish groundwater protection zone. The new protective monitoring system that includes both groundwater and surface water should be organized.

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