Zmiany wydajności wypływów wód podziemnych młodoglacjalnego obszaru morenowego na Pojezierzu Kaszubskim

Beata Jaworska-Szulc, Małgorzata Pruszkowska-Caceres, Maria Przewłócka


Changes of groundwater outflows discharge in the young glacial area of the Kashubian Lake District.
A b s t r a c t. The article presents results of investigations carried out in the central, most elevated part of the Kashubian Lake District, in the area of the Szymbarskie Hills and the Ostrzyckie Lake. The occurrence of groundwater outflows is very diverse here; wide areas of young glacial elevations are free from springs, while large concentration of groundwater outflows is observed in the vicinity of trough lakes. Investigations of the outflows discharge and of the water chemical composition were carried out in the period of three years. Most of the analyzed springs are perennial, only a few of them are of periodic character. Comparison of the obtained results with the results of the research performed 40 years ago shows little diversity, without a clear trend to development or disappearance of groundwater outflows.

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