Pozycja zwykłych wód podziemnych w gospodarowaniu zasobami wodnymi kraju. Stan i możliwości zagospodarowania zasobów wód podziemnych – wybrane zagadnienia

Piotr Herbich, Lesław Skrzypczyk


The position of fresh groundwater in country’s water resource management. On some issues about the amount of groundwater resources and the possibilities of their utilisation.
A b s t r a c t. The current water balance of Poland points to significant opportunities to increase the degree of groundwater resource development while maintaining the minimum acceptable flow as a required environmental goal for water bodies. The direction and range of changes expected to occur by 2050 will be diverse, which can cause periodic threats as regards the full meeting the water needs of the population, economy and groundwater-dependent ecosystems. Any supplementation to the activities for groundwater bodies indicated
in water management plans, being currently updated for individual areas, and a considerable increase in expenditures for their implementation would contribute to better protection of groundwater resources and their optimal use.

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