Ocena zasobów oraz weryfikacja granic obszaru ochronnego GZWP nr 133 Młotkowo za pomocą numerycznego modelu przepływu wód podziemnych

Anna Gumuła-Kawęcka, Beata Jaworska-Szulc


Evaluation of regional resources and verification of protection zones for MGB 133 Młotkowo with numerical modeling of groundwater flow.
A b s t r a c t. Model of the Major Groundwater Basin (MGB) 133 Młotkowo was developed in order to analyze available water resources and verify boundaries of protection zone. MGB 133 Młotkowo is located in southern part of Krajeńskie Lakeland (NW Poland). Dimensions of the basin estimated by Kleczkowski et al. (1990) were uncertain, so area of the model is four times larger than the MGB 133 area. In order to gain the most reliable results detailed identification and verification of model parameters such as hydraulic conductivity of each layer, hydraulic conductivity of sediments in surface water bodies and recharge rate from precipitation was made.
Results of the calculations confirm, that the groundwater basin is larger than it was assumed and eventually the disposable resources module is 8.58 m3/h/km2. The recharge zone is located inside the basin area, thus determination of protection zone boundaries of the basin as identical with boundaries of MGB 133 is sufficient.

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