Zastosowanie metody georadarowej do określania położenia swobodnego zwierciadła wód podziemnych w trakcie próbnego pompowania

Magdalena Gańko, Radosław Mieszkowski, Adrian Gańko


On application of ground penetriation radar method in defining position of the free aquifer during of the test pumping.
A b s t r a c t. In this paper were verify the possibilities of use the ground penetrating radar method to defining the range of depression cone during pumping test the first free aquifer. On the experimental area there were: pumping well with observation weels, geotechnical weels and cone penetration tests. This made possible the credible interpretation of the results with GPR investigations. GPR measurements were executed before pumping and after stabilizing the depression. On the echograms there were clearly appeared the free aquifer before and during of the pumping. On the basis of geophisical investigations it was successful to interpret the position of free aquifer and the range of depression cone.

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