Stan obecny oraz wyzwania dla procesu gromadzenia, przetwarzania i udostępniania danych hydrogeologicznych

Piotr Gałkowski, Tomasz Nałęcz


Present state-of-the-art and future challenges in process of hydrogeological data collecting, processing and dissemination.
A b s t r a c t. Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute, acting as a Hydrogeological Survey of Poland (PSH), is largely responsible for the process of hydrogeological data collecting, processing and dissemination at the national level. The paper gives a brief description of formal procedures and regulations for running that process and main types of hydrogeological data processed in the PSH data-processing system. The enclosed results of analysis for use of hydrogeological data disseminated by the PSH clearly indicate
very high and steadily growing rates of their reuse. The main challenges for specialists responsible for hydrogeological data management are shown to be related to the necessity to upgrade hydrogeological data model and adjust the process of the data dissemination to satisfy customers’ needs in a more effective way.

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