Zmienność parametrów izotopowych i chemicznych w wybranych wodach mineralnych Piwnicznej-Zdroju

Marek Duliński, Lucyna Rajchel, Agnieszka Felter


Variability of isotopic and chemical parameters in selected mineral waters of the Piwniczna Spa.
A b s t r a c t. Time series of investigations of selected mineral waters in the Piwniczna Spa prove the occurrence of progressive negative changes indicated by results of tritium concentration and chemical composition measurements. In some boreholes a systematic decrease of mineralization in time is observed – sometime taking the form of a drastic disappearance. According to available data this is caused by the opening of new migration paths for gaseous geogenic CO2 and, increased inflow of modern (tritium containing) waters
to several wells. The latter possibility is especially visible in a case of P-5 and P-6 boreholes. Based on analytical results the necessity of regular observations of selected boreholes is postulated.

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