Wpływ liczby punktów monitoringowych i metody interpolacji na precyzję wykonania mapy hydroizohips

Dominika Dąbrowska, Marek Sołtysiak, Andrzej Witkowski


The influence of the number of boreholes and the interpolation method for the contouring map precision.
A b s t r a c t. To obtain reliable and representative results of the groundwater quality monitoring, the adequate monitoring network to the hydrogeological and spatial conditions should be constructed. The representative location of monitoring points determines the precision of contour map and thus the knowledge of the hydrodynamic system in the analyzed area. This article is an attempt to interpret the contour map for groundwater monitoring network of the municipal landfill in Tychy-Urbanowice. There were taken into account the different number of piezometers to construct contour maps and four methods of interpolation were used: triangulation with linear interpolation, natural neighbor, kriging, radial basis function. The article shows the differences in the obtained contour maps and emphasizes restrictions in the application of triangulation and radial basis function as a result.

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