Dynamika stanu wód podziemnych w strefie pogranicza Roztocza Zachodniego i Wyżyny Lubelskiej w 2014 r.


  • Łukasz Chabudziński
  • Zdzisław Michalczyk


Dynamics of the groundwater levels in the border zone of Western Roztocze and the Lublin Upland in 2014.A b s t r a c t. The paper presents the dynamics of the groundwater levels characterised in 2014 for 12 dug wells located in the border zone of Western Roztocze and the Lublin Upland. Data showing groundwater level fluctuations were obtained using automated pressure water level recorders installed in wells dug in 2013. Data used for characterisation of the meteorological conditions were provided by the weather station in Janów Lubelski; they comprised daily precipitation values, mean daily values of air temperature at a height of 2.0 m above the ground level, and mean daily values of soil temperature at a 0 m level. The analysis was based on the characteristics of each well in terms of their location and groundwater level fluctuations. The collected material was used in an attempt at verification and completion of assumptions presented by Malinowski (1974) and Janiec (1984) concerning the types of dynamics of groundwater levels characteristic for this region.



Geochemia, mineralogia, petrologia