Numeryczny model przepływu wód podziemnych na potrzeby oceny zasobów dyspozycyjnych wód leczniczych i zwykłych na przykładzie zlewni potoków Milika i Andrzejówki

Kamila Buszta, Tadeusz Szklarczyk


The numerical model of groundwater flow for the assessment of disposable resources of therapeutic and fresh water: Milik and Andrzejówka catchment case study.
A b s t r a c t. Model investigations were performed to determine the groundwater circulation system in the catchment area Andrzejówka and Milik streams. The results of these studies allowed to assess the renewability of groundwater resources. Documentation of disposable resources was prepared in the separate units water balance area for fresh and therapeutic water. These measures allowed to define the conditions of groundwater use in the analyzed area. This object was achieved through the development of a multi-layer mathematical model using the software package “Visual MODFLOW”, v. 4.3. According to the authors, the main advantage of the model is its ability to provide a coherent concept for the conditions of circulation and exchange of water with using most of the available direct and indirect data. The model in this present form is suitable for regional assessment of water circulation conditions including more than ever precise definition of renewable and disposable resources and water management balance, both fresh and therapeutic water.

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