Stan zagrożeń wodnych w kopalniach węgla kamiennego w związku z ich restrukturyzacją

Przemysław Bukowski, Andrzej Szczepański, Katarzyna Niedbalska


State of water hazards in hard coal mines in connection with their restructuring.
A b s t r a c t. In recent years, symptoms of water hazards associated with mine closure were escalated. The presence of the water hazard can be related even to underground mine submersible dewatering systems in the areas of closed mines. This is connected with a loss of control of the majority of the mine workings in the areas of liquidated mines, where processes significantly changing the hydrogeological and geomechanical conditions are occurred. To avoid the worsen of the state of water hazards in coal mines it is necessary to: improve
the existing procedures and law regulations relating to assessment, monitoring and control of water hazards and highlight this issue in hydrogeological documentations, as well as improve the quality of hydrogeological documenting and change the procedure of making opinion and approving of documentations.

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