Dokumentowanie warunków hydrogeologicznych w związku z restrukturyzacją górnictwa węgla kamiennego

Przemysław Bukowski, Andrzej Szczepański, Katarzyna Niedbalska


Documenting of hydrogeological conditions in connection with restructuring of hard coal mining.
A b s t r a c t. After novelization of a new geological and mining law in 1994, a lot of changes in the functioning of the hard coal mining – associated with the multifold mining industry restructure – have occurred. These activities resulted in the liquidation of almost half of Polish coal mines, ore and other mineral mines, as well as in the significant changes in the hydrogeological conditions in the areas of influence of mining activities. In each case, together with the organizational transformation it was necessary to create the hydrogeological documentations or supplement to these documentations in accordance with the currently applicable regulations and procedures. Against the background of the experience from this period, it was found that some of the solutions improve the condition and quality of documenting, and influence on the improvement of mine, public and environmental safety, while some others worsen them. It is believed
that it is possible to improve this state of affairs by making changes in the law regulations and procedure of hydrogeological documenting, evaluation and approval of documentation. In order to achieve it, it is necessary to make changes in the procedure for evaluation of documentation, and determine requirements for institutions, government and people with entitlements of expert within the group XVII of issues related to water hazards, as well as in the relation to the content of the text part of the hydrogeological documentation.

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