Ograniczenia środowiskowe obszarów perspektywicznych wystąpień rud metali i surowców chemicznych w Polsce

Małgorzata Sikorska-Maykowska, Paulina Kostrz-Sikora, Anna Bliźniuk, Monika Piotrowska


Environmental constraints for prospective areas of the occurrences of metal ores and chemical raw
materials in Poland.
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents the criteria that were used to assess the environmental constraints for prospective areas of the occurrences of either metal ores or chemical raw materials in Poland. The databases associated with “The Geoenvironmental Map of Poland at a scale 1 : 50 000” were used as the basis for the development of these criteria, which have allowed applying an innovative approach. The final result is presented as a datasheet of individual environmental conditions for every prospective area under consideration. Each datasheet includes, among others: geological conditions which determine the type of mining methods to be applied, and environmental conservation areas and elements vulnerable to negative impact of deposit exploitation. The integral part of each datasheet is a location sketch showing the position of the prospective area on the backdrop of the available data on environmental conditions. This data may be used as a basis for further, more detailed studies. Moreover, it may be helpful for local administration bodies in zoning and land use planning tasks.

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