Metodyka waloryzacji przestrzennej pokrycia terenu i obiektów ochrony przyrody na potrzeby oceny konfliktowości potencjalnej eksploatacji kopalin w obszarach perspektywicznych

Jacek Koźma


Methodology of spatial valorization of land cover and objects of nature conservation in assessment of potential conflict of exploitation of minerals in prospective areas.
A b s t r a c t. One of the elements of the mineral deposit prospectivity analysis is the evaluation of land surface in terms of the conditions and possible restrictions on the potential exploitation of ores, which are connected with diverse forms of land use and protecting valuable nature areas. In the article the quantitative method of cartographic environmental analysis of the accessibility of mineral deposit areas is presented, based on the evaluation of land cover (CORINE Land Cover) and legal protected areas by the GIS system application. The core of the method is the point bonitation made in the specially calculated grid of elementary fields. The method was used to show and evaluate both the spatial planning and nature protection conditions for the potential exploitation in prospective areas of selected raw materials, such as: metal ores and gypsum, rock salt, K–Mg salts and native sulphur in Poland. The prospective areas with estimated resources were presented on maps at scale 1 : 200 000. The results are presented in the cartographic form, allowing appointing locations for mine investments.

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