Mapy obszarów perspektywicznych wystąpień rud metali w Polsce w skali 1 : 200 000 – rudy niklu typu wietrzeniowego (saprolitowego) na bloku przedsudeckim (SW Polska)

Stanisław Z. Mikulski, Katarzyna Sadłowska


The prospective maps of metallic ores in Poland at scale 1 : 200 000 – the weathered-type (saprolitic) Ni ores in the Fore-Sudetic Block (SW Poland).
A b s t r a c t. Ten prospective areas have been delineated for nickel ores of weathered type (saprolitic Ni ores) in Poland. The Ni ores are hosted by serpentinite wastes developed on the Szklary, Braszowice-Brzeźnica and Gogołów–Jordanów massifs in the Fore-Sudetic Block of Lower Silesia. In total the prospective areas cover ca. 43 km2. The prospective areas were recognized on the basis of current regulations which defined marginal parameters of a specific deposit and delineated its borders. Total prognostic and prospective Ni ore resources were calculated for ca. 32.5 million Mg (ca. 120 thousand Mg Ni metal). Among them five prospective areas with prognostic resources (ca. 22 million Mg of Ni ores, ca. 89.1 thousand Mg of Ni metal) and five with prospective resources (ca. 10.5 million Mg of Ni ores, ca. 32.1 thousand Mg of Ni metal) were recognized. Modern Ni prospecting and verification of current documented resources in the Szklary Ni deposits according to new criteria should increase Ni weathered-type ore resources in Poland. Besides, the development of proper hydrometallurgical processing of low-grade Ni-saprolitic-type ores is highly required.

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