Miotlaste i muszlowe struktury na ekstensyjnych powierzchniach spękań piaskowców środkowego turonu w Górach Stołowych, w Sudetach

Michał Paweł Mierzejewski


Plumose and conchoidal structures on the joint surfaces of the Middle Turonian sandstone of the Stołowe Mts.,
Sudetes (SW Poland).
A b s t r a c t. Newely discovered well preserved plumose and conchoidal structures on the large joint surfaces of sandstone in the Stołowe Mountains are interpreted in terms of tensile features. Multiple generations of the
isochrones on the conchoidal surfaces suggest repeated propagation of the deformation front. Described tensile
joint surfaces represent only one of several stages of deformation caused by stress relaxation of the Stołowe
Mountains platform. It is assumed that main directions of tensile strain in the area were predisposited by the
framework of dislocations and joints in the crystalline basement of the area (Jerzykiewicz et al., 1973). Three
others solutions are also discussed.

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