Identyfikacja pigmentów z zabytkowych polichromii we wnętrzach kamienicy nr 41 na Starym Rynku w Poznaniu

Magdalena Filipiak


Identification of the pigments of the historic polychromes in the interiors of tenement house No. 41 in the Old
Market Square in Poznań.
A b s t r a c t. The subject of this study are polychromes in a tenement house in the Old Market Square, Poznan. The main aim of this research was to identify a palette of pigments used in the interior wall paintings.
Cross-sections of polychromes, which are dated to the fifteenth century and later, were analysed. Petrographic
analysis, especially in reflected light, electron microscopy (SEM-EDS) method, infrared imaging technique
(FTIR-ATR) and Raman microspectroscopy were used. The following pigments were identified: minium, red ochre, litharge, massicot, orpiment, yellow ochre, malachite, chalk, lead white, lamp black and vine black.

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