Mineralogia hałd wietrzeniowych złoża Miedzianka (Góry Świętokrzyskie)

Maciej Swęd, Paweł Urbanek, Izabela Krechowicz, Patrycja Dworczak, Paulina Wiecka, Mateusz Mleczak, Paweł Tobys


Mineralogy of weathering heaps in the Miedzianka deposits (Holy Cross Mountains).
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents new data on the weathering zone in Miedzianka, Holy Cross Mountains (Poland), including macroscopic, microscopic and chemical investigation, using scanning electron microscope (SEM) with energy dispersive spectrum (EDS). The deposit contains sulphide mineralization (e.g. chalcopiryte, chalcocite), and carbonates with hydroxyl (malachite and azurite) in the weathering zone. Additionally, arsenic – bearing sulphosalts of the tennantite – tetrahedrite group and Ba-sulphate were found. Moreover, cracks are observed on a macro- and micro-scale, filled with new minerals that formed during the weathering.

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