Nowa metoda pomiaru wilgotności gleby z wykorzystaniem neutronów kosmogenicznych

Marek Zreda, Jerzy Nitychoruk, Marta Chodyka, Katarzyna Świerczewska-Pietras, Łukasz Zbucki


New method for measuring soil moisture using cosmogenic neutrons.
A b s t r a c t. Taking advantage of the relation between the intensity of cosmic-ray neutrons measured in air above land surface and soil moisture, a new method was developed for measuring soil moisture at the scale of tens of hectares. The American-based project COSMOS produced and installed sensors to measure soil moisture and used them to monitor soil moisture across the USA. Sensors have also been installed in Europe, inclusing Poland. The purpose of this paper is to bring this new method to the Polish readers and to prepare the foundation for a fast introduction of this new technology to monitoring environmental moisture in Poland and adjacent areas.

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