Geologiczne składowanie CO2 a możliwe zagrożenia związane z eksploatacją górotworu

Adam Wójcicki


CO2 geological storage and possible geohazards related to the use of the subsurface.
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents the problem of geological storage of CO2, in particular in saline aquifers, and
associated binding mechanisms of the injected CO2 in the subsurface. Discussed are the differences and similarities between the geological storage of carbon dioxide and other uses of the subsurface. Generally it can be said that despite the apocalyptic visions of CCS opponents there are not known any examples of significant impact of geological storage of CO2 on the environment, and such examples can be given for more or less analogous (in terms of the use of technology and physical processes) projects, i.e. the conventional or unconventional geothermal or production of hydrocarbons, including the injection of waste resulting from the operation.

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