Zastosowanie wysokorozdzielczych, wielospektralnych zdjęć satelitarnych (VHR) do identyfikacji wybranych form rzeźby równi zalewowej

Piotr Ostrowski, Tomasz Falkowski


The application of Very High Resolution multispectral satellite images (VHR) for the identification of some floodplain landforms.
A b s t r a c t. The aim of the work was to estimate the usefulness of Very High Resolution (VHR) multispectral images from the IKONOS-2 satellite to identify landforms in the floodplain area.Studying the nature and distribution of the floodplain landforms allows the identification of natural tendencies in fluvial processes and could be useful for the projects of river valley management. The research was carried out along part of the Podlasie gorge of the Bug River valley. We analyzed the orthophotomap both in natural colours (RGB) and colour-infrared (NRG), with 82-cm ground sample distance (GSD). Based on VHR satellite images, 14 (representing 7 types) landform types have been distinguished. Remote sensing results have been verified in
the field. The investigations have enabled the assessment of the usefulness of the multispectral VHR satellite images for the identification of trends in overbank processes.

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