ARTYKUŁY NAUKOWE Geochemiczne poszukiwania kruszców w rejonie pienińskim

Krzysztof Lasoń, Marek Markowiak, Ryszard Habryn


Geochemical investigations of ore mineralization in the Pieniny region.
A b s t r a c t. Geochemical prospecting was conducted in three areas of the Pieniny Mountains: Wżar, Jarmuta and Bryjarka regions. Rock samples were collected in the regular grid of 100 × 100 m. A total number of 786 samples were collected from these areas (449 samples near Wżar Mt., 256 samples from Jarmuta, and 81 samples from Bryjarka). Forty-one samples were taken from the Wżar and Jarmuta quarries. Thirty samples of aqueous sediments and pan concentrates were collected from streams of the study areas. The geochemical studies show elevated concentrations of Pb, As, Bi, Cd, Zn, Sn, Tl and K (Rb) in the south-western part of the Wżar Mt., and elevated concentrations of Pb, Bi, Cd, Cu, Ni, Sb, Zn, Fe, Hg and Mn in the vicinity of Jarmuta. Stream sediment samples from the Bryjarka area contain 0.358 and 0.291 ppm Hg (Ścigocki stream) and 0.037 ppm Au (Szczawny stream). These anomalies suggest the presence of weak ore mineralization associated with hydrothermal processes due to andesite magmatism. Based on analytical data, it may be concluded that investigated areas of the Wżar, Bryjarka and Jarmuta Mt. are not prospective for ore deposits. The only zone that requires detailed studies is the northern part of Jarmuta, where increased concentrations of Ag within the limits of 7.0–88.0 ppm were found in slope-wash clays in 12 neighbouring samples. The studies of pan concentrates show the presence of detrital gold in the Szczawny stream (1 grain) and the Grajcarek stream (3 grains in 2 samples).

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