Petrologia rozproszonej materii organicznej skał karbonu podłoża monokliny przedsudeckiej

Grzegorz J. Nowak


Petrology of dispersed organic matter in Carboniferous rocks of the Fore-Sudetic Homocline basement.
A b s t r a c t. Intense program of shale gas prospecting in the territory of Poland is currently ongoing. Among the steps towards better examination of dispersed organic matter (DOM) in clastic Carboniferous rocks of the basement of the Fore-Sudetic Homocline are petrologic studies. The paper provides data on the DOM composition, kerogen type determination, and identification of thermal maturity degree of Carboniferous rocks in the basement of the Fore-Sudetic Homocline. In general, organic matter from the Carboniferous rocks is represented only by vitrinite and inertinite. Such composition of DOM permits to define it as humic organic matter typical for kerogen type III. Carboniferous rocks display a high and very high degree of thermal maturity, expressed by a wide range of vitrinite reflectance values (from below 1.50% to above 5.50%).

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