Metodyka wyznaczania zawartości substancji organicznej w utworach niższego paleozoiku i karbonu dla archiwalnych otworów wiertniczych

Irena Gąsior, Rafał Skupio, Marek Dohnalik


Methodology for determining the organic matter content in the lower Palaeozoic and Carboniferous deposits for archival boreholes.
A b s t r a c t. The aimof the studywas to present the use of archival well logs for quantitative determination of organic matter (TOC wt.% ). The study was conducted in the lower Palaeozoic rocks of the Baltic Basin and Podlasie-Lublin Basin as well as in the Carboniferous rocks of the Fore-Sudetic Homocline basement. In many wells, sonic logging has not been run at all or run to a limited extent. In such cases, a neural network method was used to estimate the interval time. Then, continuous analysis was carried out for quantitative determination of organic matter content (TOC) using the CARBOLOG method. Finally, well log interpretation was performed for six wells in the Podlasie-Lublin Basin, five wells in the Baltic Basin, and five wells in the Fore Sudetic Homocline basement. This article presents examples of results obtained for two wells.

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