Petrografia i mineralogia łupków niższego paleozoiku kratonu wschodnioeuropejskiego oraz piaskowców karbonu podłoża monokliny przedsudeckiej

Magdalena Sikorska-Jaworowska, Marta Kuberska, Aleksandra Kozłowska


Petrography and mineralogy of the lower Palaeozoic shales from the East European Craton and Carboniferous sandstones from the basement of the Fore-Sudetic Homocline.
A b s t r a c t. The study deals with clay-silt shales occurring in the lower Palaeozoic basin at the western slope of the East European Craton, and sandstones known from the Carboniferous Basin of SW Poland (basement of the Fore-Sudetic Homocline). The clay groundmass of the shales consists largely of illite, and the silt fraction is made up of quartz with a variable admixture of feldspars. Quartz and carbonate cements are common, while pyrite, kaolinite and phosphate cements are rare. The clay groundmass reveals microporosity in the form of microchannels paralleling illite plates, and visible with in mica packets. Carboniferous sandstones are represented mostly by sublithic or subarkosic wackes and rarely by lithic, sublithic or subarkosic arenites. The pore space between sand grains is completely filled by clayey matrix. Both porosity and permeability are very low in the sandstones.

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