Marmur Błogosławionej Salomei – odmiana wapienia górnojurajskiego i jego rola w małej architekturze

Jan Bromowicz, Beata Figarska-Warchoł


Marble of Blessed Salomea – a variety of Upper Jurassic limestone and its role in small architecture.
A b s t r a c t. The paper is an attempt to evaluate the geological and quarrying conditions of the Blessed Salomea marble. Its physico-mechanical properties were determined in relation to the lithology. The probable volume of excavated rock material was compared to the volume of the small architecture elements, mainly altars and tombstones made of this stone. The comparison indicates that the rocks with similar colour and physico-mechanical properties occur also within other outcrops of Upper Jurassic limestones in the vicinity of Cracow. The marble of Blessed Salomea is distinguishable due to its other features. Besides the ability to take polish, these include the possibilities of cutting very large blocks and ability to be carved for figural and ornamental sculpture. These characteristics are related to the homogeneity caused by the large amount of micrite. So far, no other Jurassic limestone with these distinguishing properties has been found.

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