Charakterystyka osadów facji powodziowej współcześnie deponowanych w dolinie rzeki Dunajec i w Jeziorze Rożnowskim (południowa Polska)

Rafał Gwóźdź


Characteristics of flood sediments recently deposited in the Dunajec River valley and Rożnowskie Lake.
A b s t r a c t. The paper presents the results of geotechnical properties of cohesive soil recently deposited in Rożnowskie Lake and on the floodplain of the Dunajec River. The results show that cohesive soils of Rożnowskie
Lake are represented mainly by silt, clay and silty clay. Sandy silt and silt are deposited predominantly on the floodplain of the Dunajec River. The soils contain a few percent of organic matter, however, there is more organic matter in the sediments of Rożnowskie Lake. The variability of deposited soils is due to different periods
of sedimentation on an annual basis. The time of sedimentation on the Dunajec River floodplain is short and associated with flooding during the summer culmination, thus the sediments (sandy silt and silt) are coarsest. In the area of Rożnowskie Lake, sludge sedimentation occurs throughout the year, especially during the spring and summer flood flow. This sludge has finer grain size (silt and clay). The soils show a variation in their vertical profile, and are characterized by a layered structure.

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