ARTYKUŁY NAUKOWE Geologia złóż węgla brunatnego w południowo-zachodniej Wielkopolsce

Paweł Urbański, Marek Widera


Geology of lignite deposits in the south-western Wielkopolska region.
A b s t r a c t. The south-western Wielkopolska territory belongs to the richest lignite-bearing areas in Poland. In total, there are estimated over 6.4 billion Mg of lignite possible to extraction. The largest deposits are located in tectonic grabens. Many of currently used lithostratigraphic units of the Paleogene and Neogene were created in this area. The major lignite seams are of the Middle Miocene age and occur within the Ścinawa Formation – the 2nd Lusatian group, and within the Grey Clays Member (Mid-Polish Member) – the 1st Mid-Polish group. The discussed in detail Poniec-Krobia and Oczkowice deposits have very favorable geological and mining as well as chemical and technological parameters. Similarly, large resources, reaching nearly 1 billion Mg of lignite and the average calorific value exceeding 10 MJ/kg, have been determined in the most recent documentation for the Oczkowice lignite deposits

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