Zastosowanie wiedzy geologicznej w archeologii

Janusz Skoczylas, Piotr Gunia


The application of geological knowledge in archeology.
A b s t r a c t. The article presents different stages and directions of the cooperation between representatives of geological sciences and archaeologists, architects, conservators, art historians and stonemasons. The spectacular results of this cooperation are most often achieved in three aspects: 1) stratigraphic, 2) environmental, palaeogeographic and cartographic, 3) petrographic and raw material. The article presents the authors’view of the purpose, scope and methods of forming new scientific sub-disciplines such as geoarchaeology, archaeometry, petroarchaeology and petroarchitecture. The authors pointed out the mutual benefits in cognitive and practical aspects, resulting from the cumulative application of research methods from the fields of natural, exact and social sciences as well as humanities.

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