Zastosowanie numerycznych obliczeń stateczności zboczy dla oceny potencjalnych stref przemieszczeń zwietrzelin i koluwiów rozwiniętych na podłożu fliszowym

Paweł Dobak, Ireneusz Gawriuczenkow, Łukasz Dominik Kaczmarek, Kamil Kiełbasiński, Emilia Wójcik


Application of slope stability numerical calculation for evaluation of potential displacement zones in weathered and colluvial soils on the flysh base.
A b s t r a c t. This study concerns the modeling potential of slopes development with use of numerical stability calculations. Boundary conditions of performed numerical simulations are according to morphological and geological engineering conditions of the flysch slope shaped by weathering and surface mass movements. The multilaminate material model was used in order to imitate shale spatial variation in weathering zones. Furthermore, X-ray computed microtomography technique enabled for visualization of varied condition of shear surface extortion, which cause physical and strength parameters diversity. Calculation outputs show that geometry and location of deformation zones are affected by a model input strength parameter. The presented results confirm utility of numerical modeling as important aspect in the investigation and verification of spatiotemporal slope development cycle.

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